They say if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work another day in your life, and that’s certainly the case for me!

2017 truly has been a fantastic year. And with 2018 just around the corner, I figured now was the perfect time to share some of my favourite moments from 2017.

To sum it up, 2017 was just incredible! Getting to be part of 27 beautiful weddings and meeting 27 fantastically awesome couples has just been truly amazing.

With this in mind, it’s not been an easy task to pick out my favourite moments, as there’s been so many! It would have been so easy to include a lot more but I’ve managed to whittle it down to just over 300 magical moments.

It’s been incredible going through each of my lovely couple’s weddings again to put this post together. I’ve laughed and I’ve cried remembering each and every wedding, and the special moments that friends and families have had celebrating such a special day with my couples. For me, capturing those precious moments that sum up the magic of your special day make me love my job more and more each day.

I always feel truly honoured when my couples get in touch and say they’d like to book me for their special day. I imagine them over the years, even when they’re grey and wrinkly and still madly in love with their soul mate, looking back at their wedding photos – transporting them right back to happy times.

But that’s not all… I imagine them sharing these memories and looking through their wedding albums with their children and grandchildren. It’s this that continues to inspire all of my work.

I’ve had the opportunity to photograph the most breath taking weddings, at some of the most special venues and locations in the UK.

From rustic barns, pretty chocolate box churches and grand manor houses through to beautiful gardens, wild meadows, windy beaches and eclectic theatres – I’ve been to some incredible places.

This year has seen me travelling quite a bit with weddings in the Cotswolds, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and London. It’s also been lovely to be closer to home photographing weddings in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

I’ve also been lucky enough to photograph weddings at some new venues to me, which include Eastington Park, The Electric Picture Palace and Hall Farm in Wordwell along with lots of my favourites including Titchwell Manor, Hengrave Hall, Langley Abbey, Hockering House and Gaynes Park.

I’ve eaten tons of delicious wedding cake and sampled copious amounts of sweeties from the sweetie bar. I’ve photographed couples being pelted with confetti, riding on tractors, doing crazy choreographed first dances, playing Hammerschlagen, downing shots, dancing through sparkler tunnels, letting off confetti cannons, blinging themselves at the glitter bar, pimping up Prosecco and playing welly throwing competitions. The creativity involved in today’s wedding celebrations really do never cease to amaze me and of course, all of the above make for amazing photo opportunities.

But that’s not all…  I’ve also captured the tears, the nerves, the pride, the fun, the belly laughing, the excitement and even a surprise wedding! But most of all the love – the love between family and friends. It’s been a year brimming with love! It’s such a special time.

Every wedding I work on is completely different and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a truly amazing feeling to be part of, let’s face it, one of the most important days of your life. And being able to capture every moment, from the excitement and nerves as you get ready with your best friends, to the rings being exchanged and the confetti being thrown, through to the second you can eventually find a rare moment to breath and compose yourselves, really is one of the best feelings in the world.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I actually get paid to do what I love. And I wouldn’t be able to do this without the support from all you wonderful and amazing couples who book me.

So a huge huge thank you to all of the lovely couples that have booked me this year and in past years (and to those who have already booked me for next year along with 2019 and 2020). I can honestly say I have loved every single second – and I’m sure you’ll see this is reflected in the photos I have selected as my favourites. It’s been a blast!

At the same time, I would also like to thank you all so much for continuing to share my work and for recommending me to all your friends and family. This not only helps me to continue to do what I love, but it also helps me to continuously raise my profile and enable other awesome couples, just like you, to find me!

I already have some fantastic weddings lined up for 2018, which I’m so excited about and I can’t wait to get back to work in the New Year!

So all that’s left to say is a very Happy Christmas and I wish you all a wonderful New Year… Here’s to a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2019.

Lots of love (and enjoy the slideshow) xxx



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