My Approach

It’s all about capturing the raw emotions so you can relive cherished memories, forgotten moments and subtle exchanges.

Read on about my approach and more.


Knowing that you trust me to document your love is a privilege – that’s why I like to keep it as real and natural as possible. Capturing your special day as it unfolds is where my passion lies, and I’d love to take you through my style to do exactly that.

Apart from excellent professional cameras, studying composition or lighting in shots and 10+ years of experience, I like to bring more to the table (in this case, to your wedding!):

Getting to know you: Your wedding is about you; and I want to tell your story the way it’s meant to be told, in all its authenticity. So I take a real interest in my couples and communicate with them to find out who they are and what they’re all about.

Calming approach: I’m here for you as little or as much as you like. The key is to make sure you, and your guests, are relaxed and truly enjoying yourselves – being comfortable always brings out the best in everyone. And makes the most amazing photos. 

Blending in to the background: Having a camera in your face can instantly make anyone self-conscious. That’s why I blend in to the background so the focus of my lens can step into the fore. 

Being aware and alert: Special moments aren’t planned, they happen in the moment. Seeing these moments before they happen is my forte – call me a ninja, but my camera and I will capture genuine shots before you even knew we were there!

And if you have anything specific you’d like me to shoot or you already have some ideas of your own that you’d like me to capture, I’m all ears!