Looking Back at the 2023 Wedding Season – A Norfolk Wedding Photographer’s Perspective


That’s it! It’s a wrap! 2023 wedding season done and dusted. It’s now time to kick back, take a breather (well nearly as I have just a little more editing to finish off), and reminisce about the fantastic moments that unfolded this year. I’ve been lucky to capture some incredible weddings filled with warmth, kindness, and the most chilled-out couples.

Heartfelt Connections and Varied Vibes

What really stood out this year? The couples, hands down. Their genuine kindness and laid-back vibes made every wedding so enjoyable. From the grand to the intimate, I’ve seen it all – first visits to new venues in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire and revisiting old favourites. Each and every wedding has had its own unique charm.

Trends and Unforgettable Scenes

Let’s talk trends! Green bridesmaids dresses rocked the scene this year, adding a fresh touch. And ceilidh dancing? That brought the party to life! Many couples ditched the DJ for live bands, and boy, did they light up the dance floor! Oh, and those flowers – big, bold, colourful and beautiful. Peonies most definitely stole the show, adding a touch of elegance to every frame.

Acknowledging Collaboration and Dedication

Behind every splendid moment captured, there exists a dedicated team of professionals whose relentless efforts deserve recognition. Working hand in hand with these committed suppliers – from the planners to florists (and everyone else) – has been instrumental in bringing couples’ dreams to life.

Eagerly Awaiting 2024 – Let’s Do It Again!

Can you believe it’s going to be my 13th wedding season in 2024? Time flies when you’re doing what you love! If you’re planning your big day next year or beyond, let’s chat! I still have dates available and I’d love to hear all about your plans.

Let’s Capture Your Story, Your Way

If you’re all about freezing those precious moments and memories in time, count me in. Your vision, your story – let’s make some timeless memories together. I can’t wait to hear from you.

The 2023 wedding season was a whirlwind of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. I can’t wait to see what tales 2024 has in store. Here’s to capturing more beautiful stories and creating memories that last a lifetime. Cheers to love and the art of preserving those perfect moments!

And to all the couples who welcomed me into their love stories in 2023, I extend my deepest gratitude.

Lots of love Amanda x


Here is a slideshow featuring the highlights of 2023’s weddings—a glimpse into the magic that unfolded amidst love, laughter, and unforgettable celebrations.


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